Pete Davidson’s Transformers Character Doesn’t Really Make Sense


pete davidson was cast as the voice of the Autobot Mirage in 2023 Transformers: Rise of the Beastsa character very different from most of Davidson’s previous roles and personality. The Rising of the Beasts relies heavily on the Transformers: Beast Wars series, and will introduce many Beast Wars characters. The film takes place in 1994 in New York, after 2018 Bumblebee acting as a soft reboot for the Transformers film series.


Pete Davidson is famous for his direct delivery and brutal honesty, and his whole vibe gives off that of a slacker. As a comedian, he always tries to find a way to lighten the mood and make others laugh. These attributes are what made him famous, but he was not born rich or famous. Mirage is a walking stereotype of the rich and powerful, who sees the whole Autobot and Decepticon conflict as inferior to him. Since there’s such a chasm between actor and character, it could be a sign that Davidson wants to expand beyond always being.”the funny guy“, while his comedic skills might make Mirage a lighter character.

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How Mirage Is Different From Pete Davidson’s Usual Roles

Pete Davidson quickly rose to fame thanks to saturday night live and eventually transitioned into similar comedic roles in various movies, his characters often resembling Davidson himself – a bit slacker and kind of a dud. At the very least, they are often similar to the vibe given off by Davidson. They don’t take themselves or the situations they find themselves in too seriously. Like his characters, Davidson didn’t start out extremely wealthy, but instead managed to make it big in New York’s fiercely competitive comedy scene.

Mirage’s prideful attitude deviates massively from these roles, and his distaste for dealing with “commonersis completely at odds with Davidson’s own history. Mirage is almost the exact opposite of the roles Davidson has played before, more of a direct and serious man than the guy who makes the jokes. He has an extremely selfish nature, thanks to his carefree and wealthy lifestyle before the events of Beast Wars. All he wants is to end the war so he can start living a life of luxury again.

Could Transformers hint that Davidson wants to grow as an actor?

By playing such a different character, Davidson might be looking to expand the roles he gets. He excels at dry delivery, which is great for more than just cracking jokes. Transformers is a massively successful brand, which certainly won’t hurt Davidson’s wallet as he continues to find new roles. While voicing a giant robot isn’t the most serious role in the world, it could open doors and help develop Davidson’s abilities in different tones for his characters.

Mirage could be related to Davidson’s personal brand of acting, instead adapting the character to the actor. This would force Mirage to stop looking down on other Autobots, a big part of the original character. Most likely, director Steven Caple Jr. and his team will change Mirage into The Rising of the Beasts and find a middle ground that allows Davidson to do his best while keeping Mirage as the selfish socialite that he is. For now, audiences will have to wait until 2023 to see how Pete Davidson takes on his character in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

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