Planning and Statistics Authority launches communication strategy for statistics


The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) has announced the launch of a statistics communication strategy. The strategy will provide a framework for communication between the PSA as the state agency designated to provide official statistics on the State of Qatar on the one hand, and all other statistical parties inside the State of Qatar and abroad on the other.

The Chairman of the Planning and Statistics Authority, Dr. Saleh Mohammad Al Nabit, pointed out that the authority is constantly working to develop its workflows to keep up with the latest developments. His Excellency added that it was this commitment that motivated the launch of the strategy. His Excellency noted that the world has seen a noticeable increase in access to data, and said the PSA has been fortunate in this regard thanks to the high esteem of the State of Qatar internationally, as well as the important role of the country at the regional and international levels.

The strategy, which is the first of its kind in the region, is expected to improve communication and ensure that the authority’s various statistical reports. It is also in line with the objective of improving the statistical infrastructure in the country and improving communication within the state and abroad in this regard.


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