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“Net zero is not enough”

At the latest edition of the Alltech ONE conference, speakers painted a new perspective on sustainability and the steps beyond it. Is “net zero” enough or should we aim for “net positive”?

Full data integration gives peace of mind

In this edition, we visit the Mansson farm in Denmark, home to 2,000 ha of organic vegetable production, a biogas plant and some 230,000 organic laying hens. At the start of the farm, an Excel spreadsheet was enough, but today, with a production of 72 million eggs per year, the team has implemented Poultry Plan software for full data integration.

Effect of eugenol and garlic compounds on necrotic enteritis challenge

Necrotic enteritis continues to be a major challenge in poultry production, and with the need to reduce antibiotics, the industry is looking for new solutions. A trial in the United States, which used a mixture of eugenol and garlic compounds, was found to aid the performance of broilers under conditions of necrotic enteritis challenge.

Automatic lameness detection through intelligent broiler rearing

Both broiler welfare and a farmer’s profitability are impacted by lameness, and although it is difficult to observe the gait and posture of individual birds, early and accurate detection and treatment of lameness lameness are essential.

Engineering techniques for monitoring, modeling and managing animal production in broiler farming aim to increase the farmer’s ability to maintain contact with individual animals. Photo: Hans Prinsen

Compulsory OKT certification for table eggs

Since the beginning of the year, all table eggs sold in Germany must be OKT-certified. To avoid sacrificing hatchlings, or “Ohne Küken Töten (OKT)”, the Lehnertz Poultry Farm launched OKT certification for its organic laying hens in 2019. It is believed that OKT certification could eventually become mandatory in all the EU.

Water as a renewable and sustainable source of energy

In this article, we consider the potential of water as a renewable and sustainable source of energy. Its advantages in broiler production are many.

Where the fork touches the plate

Changes in an animal’s genetics, growth rate, nutrition, locomotion and metabolism can affect skeletal muscle composition and therefore meat quality. What is the role of minerals and how to fight against oxidative stress?

Healthy birds for better performance

The best feed conversion and performance can only be achieved by healthy animals, for which the highest standards of feed management, hygiene and quality are required.

Russia’s poultry industry takes a hit

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a massive exodus of Western companies from the Russian market, leaving the local poultry industry searching for alternative sources of feed additives, hatching eggs, equipment, packaging and labeling.

The current crisis is the biggest challenge Russian poultry farmers have faced since Soviet times.  Here, truckers wait days to cross the border.
The current crisis is the biggest challenge Russian poultry farmers have faced since Soviet times. Here, truckers wait days to cross the border.

Broiler welfare can be improved through market-driven initiatives

While the effects of domestic legislation may be lessened by price competition from lower welfare imports, the effects of market-oriented initiatives may be limited by the reluctance of consumers to pay the premium.

Early feeding of laying chicks

To achieve high production and persistence, optimal nutrition is crucial, especially in the early stages of a chicken’s life. From hatch to around 6 weeks, for example, the development of the chick’s digestive and immune systems take center stage and most nutrients are directed to developing organs. In this article, we take a look at the most important nutrients at each stage.

Dietary phosphorus: how low can we go?

With a focus on phosphorus, Canadian researchers have examined how precise we can be when adding this mineral to poultry feed.

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See the 5th edition of Poultry World for 2022


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