RAILGRADE has arrived at the station, new gameplay trailer


Publisher Epic Games is delighted to announce that Minakata Dynamics’ highly anticipated train management simulation, RAILGRADE, launched today and is now available on the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch via Nintendo eShop.

In RAILGRADE, players will join the Nakatani Chemicals Corporation as the administrator of an off-world industrial colony as they take inspiration from Earth’s rail transportation system to take their colony into the future. You will be responsible for overseeing the production of the planet’s resources and managing logistics, to ensure that the colony provides and thrives.

As they progress through missions, RAILGRADE players will design a railway network, even in layers of locomotion, to deliver the right resources to the right industry with the utmost efficiency. Stay on track by customizing trains with a range of engine types, maximizing the benefits they offer and minimizing their drawbacks. RAILGRADE combines resource management with railway construction to make you the architect and conductor of the railways. So you’ll need to be strategic when using the simple building system to quickly move goods around and export them for profit.

RAILGRADE is available for purchase on the Epic Games Store and Nintendo eShop now, with a special 10% discount valid until October 6. For more information, visit railgrade.com.


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