Rand Paul: COVID edicts that make no scientific sense deserve a ‘massive boycott’


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Joined “America Reports” on Wednesday to react to a new study from Johns Hopkins University that concluded COVID lockdowns do more harm than good because they don’t reduce mortality and were “devastating” for the economy.

Rand Paul: Hopefully we learn from our mistakes. In the 14th century, the pope surrounded himself with candles because they thought the infection could be burned in the air to save people. It was a mistaken notion. It took a few centuries – really until the 19th century – to understand the germ theory. Now we have lockdowns that aren’t based on science, and really we know that overall masks didn’t work, plexiglass didn’t work and six feet apart didn’t work .

The only thing we know that has worked is vaccines and natural immunity. These worked to protect people from hospitalization and death and also slowed some of the spread. So we should highlight what works. It was a real disservice for Dr. Fauci to say that cloth masks work, because then you have an 80-year-old man caring for his spouse with COVID and wearing a cloth mask that has no value, and it is an error. He got people to engage in activities they normally wouldn’t by telling them it was safe when it wasn’t. I hope we will learn from this. The study is an in-depth analysis looking at dozens and dozens of studies, putting them together, and said the lockdowns did not reduce mortality but were devastating to the economy.



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