Republican stumbles over basic anatomy while trying to attack Kamala Harris on abortion


A Salt Lake County councilman has faced Twitter reports and social media mockery after he tried to hit out at Vice President Kamala Harris on the abortion issue.

The awkward exchange began on Saturday with a tweet from Ms Harris who declared the Biden administration’s support for abortion rights and denounced GOP efforts to roll back those rights as an attempt to take away bodily autonomy. women.

“Let’s be clear: We trust the judgment of American women to make decisions based on what’s in their best interests. We trust American women to make these decisions about their own bodies. The government should not be making this decision for them,” she tweeted.

Dave Alvord, a current County Council GOP member and former mayor of South Jordan City, Utah, responded in his own tweet, writing that “Baby is not part of a woman’s body. The umbilical cord and the placenta do not connect directly to the woman. The baby floats inside the woman. It’s not about the woman’s body, it’s about killing and then removing the baby’s body. This is done in greater proportion for black babies.

His response sparked a storm of comments on Twitter mocking Mr Alvord’s apparent lack of understanding of human physiology.

“Let me educate you. This placenta IS ATTACHED TO THE WOMAN’S BODY. Her body is what sustains the pregnancy. It doesn’t just float around in the womb. It rests 100% on the woman’s body. The woman’s body. His body. It belongs to him. Respect her,” one commenter wrote.

Mr Alvord responded to the comment by asking ‘If a leech attaches to your body, is it now part of your body’ and saying the babies were ‘more akin to a parasite’ than a part of a woman’s body. It’s unclear why classifying them as such would help Mr Alvord’s case that abortions should be illegal.

Battling in other tweets, Mr Alvord tried to refute his critics’ arguments by posting a link to the Wikipedia page for “placenta”.

This is where Mr. Alvord’s argument became particularly contradictory, as the article he linked clearly asserted that “the placenta is connected to the fetus by the umbilical cord”, while describing the placenta itself as “a temporary organ found in female eutherian mammals while pregnant”. This directly debunks his own claim that “the umbilical cord and placenta are not directly connected to the female”, since the placenta -itself is an organ, albeit temporary, of the female body.Furthermore, the article goes on to claim that the placenta is “implanted into the wall of the uterus”, refuting Dr. Alvord’s assertion that he floats.

Republicans across the country reacted to the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe vs. Wade zealously and moved quickly to enact new abortion bans in many states.

Newly implemented laws have in some cases left no exceptions open for procedures that would save the mother’s life, alerting doctors and other experts to the fact that women will die from illnesses occurring during childbearing. pregnancy.


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