Review – Hell is in your head


01. The burial of the dead
02. The End of the World / A Game of Chess
03. The Fire Sermon
04. I am a mistake
05. Death by Water
06. What the Thunder Said
07. Miles to Go
08. Lush Rimbaugh
09. Hell is in your head
10. I’m sorry to leave
11. Get away from me

It’s hard to make heads or tails of FAILURE OF THE SENSESis the eighth feature film. Peppered with references to TS Elliot and Robert Frost, “Hell is in your head” touches on death and existential terror on an individual and global scale. Topics range from personal loss to the cataclysmic consequences of climate change. Major and minor keys – and likewise, positive and negative sentiments – collide in odd ways, creating a somewhat muddled feeling. It’s like we’re inside a singer/songwriter Friend Nielsen, which swirls with the bric-a-brac of ideas and emotions. This not only reflects the title of the album, but the fact that this is the first record he has written solo.

Hardcore reminiscent of the 2015s “Remove the thorns from your heart” peppers songs that are mostly rooted in emo/alternative rock. SEE YOU LATER, SPACE COWBOYthe singer Connie Sgarbossa also brings a taste of shouto to “The End of the World / A Game of Chess”. But it’s the first track, which presents almost no aggressiveness, which is undoubtedly the deepest. The words “We only have a short time left” resonate powerfully as the main theme of this release. And while “Hell is in your head” sees the writer troubled and in pain in many cases, there are also waves of calm that come in the form of soothing refrains, like the refrain “Only love will save us” in “I am a mistake”.

Lyrically, the band has always put forward a unique brand of brutal honesty peppered with moments of poetry. On this album, NielsenThe lyrics of are so straightforward that they sometimes sound strangely songlike, like “I read my horoscope” (“Death by Water”) and “Polar bears are dying” (“Kilometres to go”). In many ways, these songs are more like diary entries.

And that’s perhaps the best way to experience this record: a way to get to know the artist better. It may not be enough to make it a great record, but it’s enough to make it an interesting record.


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