Rokoko announces the Smartsuit Pro II


Rokoko announced the upcoming launch of Smartsuit Pro II, its next-generation Smartsuit Pro, a motion capture suit for independent creators. The mocap suite facilitates real-time animation over Wi-Fi using the company’s free Rokoko Studio software. Creators can quickly save, clean, and edit data and stream it live to dozens of tools, including Unreal, Unity, Blender, Maya, and iClone for instant feedback. Smartsuit Pro II will be available in January and Rokoko is now accepting pre-orders.

“We have spoken with thousands of our users to identify what matters most and I am confident that Smartsuit Pro II is improved on the points that add the most value to them and take their motion capture to the next level,” says Jakob Balslev. , CEO and founder of Rokoko. “Reducing drift, enabling higher impact tracking, and unlocking multi-level tracking may not mean much to the outside world, but it will mean the world to our users. “

Check out the latest features:

Smartsuit Pro II is designed for easy use and setup, and features performance enhancements to enhance characters with richer movements, while speeding up the animation workflow.

The main performance improvements include:

  • Multi-level tracking ready – users can track elevation movement on stairs, ladders, and along the y-axis.
  • Optimized for high impact use – punches, fights and drops do not compromise data quality.
  • Better locomotion accuracy over time – allowing significant reduction in drift for more reliable and longer streaming times.
  • Native integration into Rokoko Smartgloves – only one portable USB-C battery is needed to power the entire motion capture system.

Additional information is available here.

Source: Rokoko


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