Rona D Drinkard’s “Friendship Matters” wins the Firebird Book Award.


Speak Up Talk Radio said “friendship matters” through Rona D. Drinkard as the “2021 Winner of the Firebird Book Award for Fiction”.

Drinkard, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Daemen College and a Master of Arts in Human Services Administration from the University at Buffalo State College, says, “Friendship Matters is a novel about three friends whose bond is so strong and their relationship so strong. relatable, you’ll think they’re part of your circle.

Morgan Justice of Indias Today writes:Rona D. Drinkard has a laid-back writing style that’s so laid-back you might forget you’re actively reading a book. This romantic comedy-drama is pleasantly free of pretension, affectation and unnecessary self-reflection. Instead, readers are immersed in the relentless locomotion of these busy women, becoming immediately engrossed in Saisha’s new boy’s toy, Euniqé’s heartbreak story, or Kandace’s 180-degree turn in life. It’s so easy to get into every woman’s mind when the narration changes voice, almost like going from comfy jeans to even more comfy pajamas.

“Friendship Matters is a living story that proves how much friendship matters,” raves Indies Today writer Jordan Ehmann. She praises the author, stating, “Rona D. Drinkard does an impressive job capturing every moment of everyday life, making it sparkle with excitement and constant movement. The cultural picture is painted vividly, with an endless sampling of rich food, sharp expressions and soulful musical tracks. As for the characters, well, these ladies have personality for miles!

“I loved the settings and descriptions in the book and appreciated Rona’s ability to breathe realistic life into the characters. The contemporary themes explored in the story make this literary work of fiction equally suited to this modern age. Rona D.’s ‘Friendship Matters’ is a story told with humor, empathy, joy and warmth,” says Lily Andrews in a Reader Views review.

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