Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy begins a new era


The first pictures of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 has parallels in character, direction, and storytelling to Season 1 as the series enters a new era with a new set of residents. This season will be defined by how the long-running series balances incoming characters with returning ones and the reduced presence of Meredith Grey. Grey’s AnatomyYou can use the nostalgia and secure the future of medical drama with these new recruits. If season 19 is successful, the show could evolve beyond the main cast that fans have known for over a decade.

Grey’s Anatomy prepared fans for a major casting change as heavy turnover at Gray Sloan Memorial is not uncommon. The series often says goodbye to characters, usually on memorable occasions. When Jessica Capshaw left the show in season 14, Grey’s Anatomy teased that his character Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres would reconcile their off-screen relationship. When he said goodbye to Eric Dane as Mark Sloan in Season 8, the ending was far more tragic. But there have been enough changes to prepare the public for more sustainable revenue.

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The arrival of new residents does not imply that any of the current cast will leave. Instead, it suggests that their screen presence could change in the years to come like Meredith’s, if Grey’s Anatomy extends its run beyond season 19. Despite the belief that the show is on its last legs, the new faces and the sense of nostalgia they bring with them could ensure Grey’s Anatomy persists into Season 20 and beyond.

The first look at season 19 is almost a flashback for Grey’s Anatomy fans in how the opening scene mirrors Richard introducing Meredith, Cristina, George, Izzie, and Alex to the then-Seattle Grace Hospital. This season embodies a passing of the torch in many ways. After the shake-up of the previous residency program, the fictional Gray Sloan Memorial is launching a new one as Grey’s Anatomy do the same. It’s an intricately woven meta-narrative.

The visual similarities with Grey’s AnatomyThe beginning of makes it easy to see the original quintet of trainee qualities in Simone Griffith, Jules Millen, Lucas Adams, Benson “Blue” Kwan and Mika Yasuda. For example, Jules learns that she accidentally slept with an assistant: Atticus “Link” Lincoln. This reveals similar lands to Meredith discovering Derek Shepherd in the show’s pilot. Meredith also tells Nick Marsh that she sees “something in all of them.” She’s probably referring to the residents’ career potential, but they may also remind Meredith of her friends.

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But none of the new residents are comparable to the original trainees, which makes the new class more intriguing as they are not carbon copies. Their vague similarities may be enough to draw viewers back to the show, but they will forge their own path. By TVLine, Simone’s “grounded but emotional connection to her work” recalls Izzie Stevens. Lucas’ demeanor and desire to “prove himself” resembles that of Alex Karev and Cristina Yang, as does Blue’s competitive nature. Mika’s joking personality that gets her into hot water exudes the same energy as George O’Malley.

These familiar touchstones signal that Grey’s Anatomy is acutely aware of how strange it will be to adjust to a season where Meredith Gray is mostly absent. This first look at season 19 plays on all the good heartwarming aspects to assure fans that the medical drama will be fine. For this to be really true, Grey’s Anatomy must change and evolve, like the residency program at Gray Sloan Memorial. The new class of residents has a lot pressure on them both on and off screen, and just like the trainees, they deserve a chance to prove themselves.

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday, October 6 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.


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