Signing makes sense to both parties


I don’t understand why Derek from Eau Claire doesn’t want someone who plays like his hair is on fire.

Or has all intangible assets.

Re: Your response to Kim from Hudson, WI, it was actually Bruce Clark, not Bruce Smith, who dissed the Packers for the CFL in 1980.

Yes, we fixed that shortly after the column was published. Obviously, some subliminal synapses in my brain working on a revisionist story turned Bruce Clark into Bruce Smith for the Packers.

Well, I hope that puts a pin in all the crows and their croaks for a veteran WR. Big signing. Cap-friendly, one-year contract “prove it”, veteran WR who has good hands and road racing skills. Let’s just hope we get the Rams version of Watkins and not the Ravens version from last year.

I think the key for Sammy Watkins is to stay healthy, which he hasn’t been able to do, especially in the last few years. As Wes noted in his ‘5 Things’ article, he had 18 catches for 292 yards in the first five games last year before getting injured, missing a few weeks, then not being able to resume there. where he left off. Signing makes sense to both parties. The Packers are getting a proven veteran at an acceptable price, while Watkins has a year to catch passes from Aaron Rodgers and hit the market again in 23.

Brian from Maple Grove, Minnesota

It seems like Gute likes going into the draft without being forced into a corner by having a blatant position of need if he can help it. An example would be signing Kevin King to a one-year deal last year and Reed and Watkins to a one-year deal this year. Would you say the team is in a position to not have to rely on a rookie at the start of the season in any position?

Health permitting, it would seem so. I hadn’t thought of the approach in those terms until you defined it as such. Gutey ended up drafting Josh Myers to start at center upfront last year (then Royce Newman also got a job), but that would seem to be more the exception than the rule in his tenure, and other options have done it. exist if necessary.

Hi guys. AR12 regularly skips the voluntary off-season schedule. How important will it be this year, with the arrival of Sammy Watkins, and potentially two from the draft, for him to attend and develop relationships?

Questionable. Aaron Rodgers’ participation will depend on him. He deserved this. Watkins and all rookies will learn the playbook in the spring and not much more. The offense on paper needs to be fully understood before Rodgers’ way of looking at it makes much sense. I’m sure it would be useful to have it here, but putting a graduate school professor in front of a freshman class isn’t necessarily going to make him learn the material any faster.

Ryan from Noblesville, IN

Questions continue to be posted about such an exciting off-season due to signings from the FA. But what about all the new non-gamers? Flores’ suit, Washington withholding ticket revenue, Dolphins owner tampering with Brady, and more What are your thoughts? Also, can the NFL and team owners force an owner to sell a franchise?

It happened with Jerry Richardson and the Panthers a few years ago for transgressions of a completely different kind. NFL owners aren’t inclined to attack or react overzealously because they know it could be them on the other end one day, but if another investigation into Washington proves unfounded, I think the collective sentiment would shift to enough is enough.

Orv from Myrtle Beach, SC

My regards to both of you gentlemen for your measured responses. The person who was very harsh on MVS yesterday asks for a comment and a question. Every player in every sport has a job to do on every play. It might be that the second baseman isn’t in position for a throw-in or a basketball player isn’t in the right place for a draft play, etc A wide receiver with throwing speed could be the decoy for another receiver to make the play. How important is it for a receiver to do their job every play?

This goes for all players in the sport, making it the ultimate team game. As for the receivers specifically, the coaches and the quarterback study the film extensively. If a guy is third or fourth in progression when a certain route concept is called, but it opens consistently, he will adjust or design calls to be an earlier option. This is how offenses, concepts and players evolve and develop.


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