Sips for the senses – enjoy your wine with this electronic carafe with Bluetooth speakers


Certainly, a beautiful decanter adds to the elegance of your table. But decanting your wine is more than just making sure everything (including you!) looks good. Above all, it enhances the flavor of your favorite vintage, enriching the aromas and softening the tannins. The next time you want to bring out the best in your wine, consider this Wake Up Wine Pro S Electronic Decanter.

Available now for just $169.99 at 43% off, this electronic carafe offers an added element of fun. It features Bluetooth speakers that stream audio in 360° omnidirectional sound directly from your device, giving you great taste on your tongue and music in your ears.

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What’s in the decantation that can make your wine more expensive than the price you paid for it? Red wines, in particular, contain a fair amount of sediment. The settling process separates sediment from the liquid, such as seed pieces, grape skin, and crystalline tartrates. Although all natural and not harmful, filtering leaves the wine free of these residues. Additionally, wines often spend a considerable amount of time in the bottle without exposure to oxygen. Aeration develops all the dormant aromas and flavors in your wine, awakening it to its full potential.

The Wake Up Wine Pro S works faster than many decanters and can make any wine two to five times better in minutes. With an ultra-fine sediment strainer and glass stopper to ensure an airtight solution, it’s a must-have whether you’re just a weekender or a wine lover.

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The Wake Up Wine Pro S is approved by Jörn Kleinhans, certified sommelier and wine judge. With this device, you can be sure that when your next wine order arrives, you’ll be enjoying it the way Mr. Kleinhans praises “…the way the winemaker intended.”

Thumbs up for enhancing your wine tasting experience! Normally $299, you can get the Wake Up Wine Pro S on sale for $169.99 for a limited time.

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