Smart school security technology tackles a major problem in mass shooting response – Bringing instant communications and visibility to police Accelerating emergency response


WALLINGFORD, Connecticut–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mutualink brings smart, cutting-edge, life-saving school safety technology to school districts and first responders across the country to enable faster response and resolution during life-threatening situations.

Past investigations of school shooting incidents reveal a common and recurring problem – response delays and confusion caused by a lack of effective communications and a lack of real-time visibility. The automated emergency response solution solves this problem. It instantly connects school staff to police in an emergency and automatically shares live video with floor views of the school enabling real-time situational awareness leading to rapid assessment, immediate and effective decision-making and action.

“As the details emerge, it is heartbreaking to hear that the same failures that challenged first responders in the Parkland shootings, the Santa Fe shootings and Columbine, have plagued police in Uvalde, TX. They lacked the direct, real-time communication and visibility needed to make informed decisions,” said Chrissie Coon, Chief Strategy Officer and retired law enforcement officer. “This technology is the only tool available to solve this problem.”

Mutualink is the leading provider of automated emergency communications solutions for public safety. Panic buttons built into Mutulink provide a direct link to communicate voice, text, live video and images to authorities in an emergency. School staff need a way to communicate directly, quickly and efficiently with dispatchers and first responders in real time, and securely share live video so responders can take quick and informed action.

Using this technology, the police are automatically connected to the school’s camera system, access floor plans and speak directly with school staff, which will help them respond more effectively.

“There are dozens of panic buttons and active shooter alert apps on the market, but the terrifying reality is that some don’t provide direct communication with 911 dispatchers and first responders,” Coon said. . “So in situations where seconds can save lives and where information is critical during an intervention, the Mutualink solution gives students, teachers, staff and parents the peace of mind that the panic button they use triggers an effective emergency communication and coordination environment with the fastest response. .”

Additionally, users have access to the wider Mutualink network – the largest national ecosystem of governments, public safety entities and secondary response organizations in the world. To learn more about Mutualink’s technology, visit:

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Mutualink, Inc. is the leading technology provider of a premier intelligent media network that enables public safety partners to securely share voice, text, video and data for instant communications and sharing real-time data. Certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act for interoperable communications, partners and customers trust Mutualink, Inc. to deliver the innovative, scalable, and secure solutions they rely on every day and when disaster strikes. emergency.


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