Spider-Man in Video Games: Evolution of the Marvel Superhero


From disastrous arcade games like Superman 64 to the first comic novel Rocksteadys XLV: the subject of superheroes in games could easily fill any volume of novels. Spider-Man is the dark knight Batman’s most versatile superhero. The net-swinger doesn’t have a clean slate: Over the past 40 years, Spidey has had a few hard virtual landings before getting into realistic, hard-to-use games.

The 80s: The Spideys first transform into great warriors.

All beginnings were difficult, even for New York’s most famous wall-crawler: the first game of the superhero franchise appeared in 1982, among others, for the Atari 2600 and was distributed by Parker Brothers . Spider-Man seemed like a complication of the 1990 arcade hit Donkey Kong, but instead of the Green Goblin, the spider and spider jumped over the corner. As Spidey, your job was to scale a skyscraper and defuse the bombs at the top. The problem is that your net, which you could throw straight or diagonally, was used for locomotion.

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A game as well as this playtest for Spider-Man Remastered!

It all started with Spider-Man in 1982. The first Spidey game was reminiscent of Donkey Kong and allowed the spider to climb skyscrapers.

Source: Moby Games. You can swing or climb on it. Fluid on the web meant a time limit: Spider-Man would fall if you ran out. It was pretty sick and there was no real fighting either.

And followed it in 1984 on Questprobe, whose Spider-Man consoles are 64, ZX Spectrum and Ataris 8-bit versions. This text adventure was developed and distributed by Adventure International that you learned to escape with command lines. Spider-Man attacked a lizard, then encountered Mrs. Web. We also had mini-comics about the game.

Unusual Genre Excursion: Questprobe starring Spider-Man was a text-based adventure.

Source: Moby Games. So, makers have already linked comics to video games ever since. Hulk and Captain America, as well as Spider-Man, had other Quest Probe offshoots. There was another part for the X-Men, but it went bankrupt before release, so the game never appeared.

After the Spideys attempted steps in the 1980s, Amazing Spider-Man finally ended up with Captain America in 1989’s Dr. Dooms Revenge. The sidecroller appeared for Amiga, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, and MS-DOS, among other things, and at least define the direction in which the superhero should tend to attract more and more attention from the world.

Although the in-game beatem up was poor, the comic book vibe was up to par. The recognition value was absolutely given thanks to the big numbers:

And like Spider and Captain America, many fans were heading to the site because of the popular brand.

For PC game readers, you are well known.

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The 90s: caught in their own web.

What do we know about The Amazing Spider-Man, released in 1990? The author of this article blindly bought the game for his Game Boy, then got scared of the UK-developed Rare platformer despite the right approaches. Spider-Man already knew a lot of the things he was doing here, like swinging or shooting net balls. A spider sense is also present in some levels as an indicator of your movement.


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