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LE ROY – A concern that there is no communication from Stafford City Council to residents about a public water supply project prompted a resident to come to council in writing.

Cathy Worthington, a registered curator, said Thursday she would run in November. There are two incumbents vying for re-election – James Duyssen and Ron Panek.

“I would be writing it. From what I understand from the board of elections… the first two who will get the most votes will be the two members of the board, ”she said. “To be on the board, I have to get more votes than any of them.”

The candidate in writing said she would be going door-to-door this weekend with residents of District 12 to update them on what she knows and ask them to start attending city council meetings. ‘they want updates. She will have a welcome meeting from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on August 4 at Emery Park on Main Street in Stafford.

“I guess that’s the only way to get it now, in terms of communication,” she said. “I’m going to mail out to all the taxpayers in Stafford.” It will probably be in mid-August when I vote in writing. I will have two meetings – one in August and one in September. The vote is in November.

She said she is a registered Conservative and hopes to have the support of the Party and the Stafford taxpayers.

Worthington said she had attended a few board meetings and was unable to get answers regarding the planned Water District 12 project.

“It just seemed like the answers were sort of bland, so I attended a few more and tried to get a building permit, and it was a process, getting my hands on the zoning guy. I just said, ‘We need better communication,’ ”she said. “The water district is my biggest concern.”

Worthington said residents of Water District 12 cannot get updates. She said she brought up Water District 12 at a city council meeting in June, but there was no response.

“I don’t know the specifications that I should use for my water pipes. I don’t know when it’s going to come in. I know our taxes will go up, but by how much? she said. “I asked this of the board of directors last month. Their response was, “District 12 is a large district and it is a process. This is my question. What is the process and where are we at? “

Worthington said she was told she can put her pipe on the road at any time and be ready for the job at hand.

“What are the specifications? They didn’t seem to know. Since then I’ve done my own research and now have the specs so I can get started, ”she said. She said the city tells her it’s a long process, but noted that the city has made 11 more water districts and wonders why it’s so hard to get answers.

“He’s supposed to come out to bid on June 25th. Did it? We don’t know, ”she said. “The water district was supposed to put out a bid for contractors… They (city officials) say there should be shovels in the ground in September.”

Worthington said she found the last communication she received from the city in the mail was in January 2018.

“They can’t tell me how much my taxes are going to increase because we have to pay off that million dollar loan. The letter we received in 18 said between $ 700 and $ 900, now I hear it’s between $ 1,000 and $ 1,100. It’s a big leap. I have been a city taxpayer for 24 years. I’m just looking for communication, transparency, accountability. Who can give us these answers if the city cannot?



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