Star Trek: Discovery Exclusive Clip Reveals Attempts To Communicate With Species 10-C In Season 4 Penultimate Episode


Star Trek: Discovery is in the home stretch of Season 4, which is a little ironic because it seems like there may be no home to return to if the crew fails in this final attempt. Michael Burnham, the Discovery the crew and Federation delegates must make successful contact with the 10-C species. A new exclusive clip (seen above) shows off the efforts of the upcoming Season 4 penultimate episode and teases that this whole mission might be tougher than previously thought.

Based on this clip, it appears that initial attempts to contact Species 10-C were unsuccessful. With only 13 hours until the final DMA impacts Ni’Var and Earth, it’s clear that Michael and President Rillak are feeling the pressure on the road ahead. The first contact is always a delicate situation, and the slightest mistake can lead to a colossal misunderstanding. This is especially true when there’s no guarantee the new species will have a way of understanding anyone on the Federation ship, so it makes sense that Rillak and Michael would go back and forth on how to proceed.

No word like 10-C is definitely not a good start, and there are a ton of ways to interpret it. 10-C may have no idea he’s in the presence of another species trying to communicate, which is obviously bad. Of course, it’s probably worse if 10-C knows the Discovery the crew tries to respond and chooses to ignore them. This could mean a litany of thingsmany of which don’t sound like good news to anyone who isn’t 10-C.

Star Trek: DiscoveryThe clip confirms that communicating with Species 10-C might be difficult, and that’s not even the only obstacle the crew faces in this First Contact mission. Ruon Tarka and Booker hide and attached to Discovery and still seem determined to remove the 10-C’s power source so Tarka can return home. Anything they do could also jeopardize the negotiations, and it is even possible that their interference could have an impact on the communication.

The good news for fans is that Star Trek: Discovery seems to go all the way, and this first contact with 10-C could finally dictating where the series is heading in season 5. I’m not sure what I expect only a few episodes leftbut I think it’s fair to say that the stakes are about as high so far as they’ve ever been in the Paramount+ series.

Star Trek: Discovery streams on Paramount+ Thursday for anyone with a subscription to the streaming service. Of course, this is only one of numerous star trek shows airing in 2022, so be sure to keep an eye out for any shows in the franchise airing or coming later this year.


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