State financial entity plans to improve communication



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A state entity responsible for protecting customers and business services in financial transactions is modernizing key aspects of its processes.

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) underwent a refocus and rebranding last year via the Assembly Bill 1864 – receiving “expanded enforcement powers to protect Californian consumers of pandemic-inspired scams, promote innovation, clarify regulatory barriers for emerging products and increase education and awareness among vulnerable groups, ”according to its website. But changing times and the COVID-19 pandemic have provided and highlighted additional needs that DFPI and its longtime IT contractor Granicus are working together to address. Among the takeaways:

  • Generally, DFPI’s needs have been focused on better communication. A recent use case for Granicus pointed out that as “the regulatory complexity of the ministry increased” and technology preferences changed, it “was looking for a modern solution to help licensees and stakeholders stay informed.” . DFPI had switched to “another list hosting service” when it started sending “our monthly publication to licensees digitally,” he said – a monthly newsletter that went to email to the late 1990s. The department chose Granicus’ govDelivery marketing platform for government in 2012, he said, “because it offered additional services and provided more analytical data.”
  • The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic last year has forced department staff to adapt to new security protocols, alert financial institutions of capacity restrictions on their sites, and quickly obtain information about them. financial aid for tenants and owners, while working remotely. GovDelivery made this possible. But the department also needed a better way to communicate with staff in an emergency, he said, adding, “We started looking at various options, including SMS text messaging options through Granicus. . It became a clear choice for us as it was already part of our existing contract. Work on an emergency SMS notification system capable of sending messages to DFPI mobile phones is underway.
  • DFPI is also working with Granicus Targeted Messaging Service on individual targeted messaging “in order to share personalized electronic invoices with each license holder”. The initiative will focus on invoices for annual fee payments from ministry licensees; DFPI said that “the individual aspect of targeted messaging makes sending invoices an ideal use case.” The project is now under development and officials are preparing the internal systems of the ministry. According to Granicus, the department is working with its legal department to ensure legal compliance after switching to SMS.
    “We hope to start sending invoices from 2022,” the department said.



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