The 10 Worst Things Meredith and Derek Ever Done to Each Other


Since the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Derek turned out to have a great love affair, and the chemistry they shared was palpable from the moment they met. After everything they went through, they were ultimately one of the best couples on the show, even after Derek died untimely.

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Despite this, Meredith and Derek have done a lot of questionable things whether they’re together or not. The two could act selfishly at times, which often resulted in them harming and causing harm to each other in ways that were not easily forgotten.


Derek didn’t tell Meredith he was married

Addison’s introduction to Grey’s Anatomy was just iconic in the episode “Who’s Zoomin ‘Who?” and her entry massively disrupted Meredith and Derek’s relationship. Throughout Season 1, while starting a relationship with Meredith, Derek neglected to tell her that he had a wife. Despite the fact that Addison cheated on Derek, which prompted him to leave New York City, they were still husband and wife.

Derek knew he would develop feelings for Meredith quickly and that she would exchange those feelings, but never told him about Addison, which would have definitely changed the trajectory of their relationship. It was a sneaky move on Derek’s part, and the shock of Addison’s arrival made the news ten times harder than it would have been if he had just been telling the truth from the start.

Meredith Dated Finn

Season 2 was a tumultuous one for Derek and Meredith, and followed them as they officially went their separate ways and Derek tried to get his marriage to Addison back on track. While Meredith and Derek were apart, their relationship was still very dramatic, especially when Meredith started a romance with the vet that their dog, Doc, went to see.

Her relationship with Finn was one of Meredith’s best romances on Grey’s Anatomy, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t an unfair thing to her, given that Derek had to see them together frequently. Meredith and Finn’s relationship only put more pressure on Derek and Meredith’s continued friendship attempts, and also created more tension for Derek with Addison.

Derek criticized Meredith for being single

Derek often acted impulsively when he was jealous, and this was especially true when it came to Meredith. Having already broken up, Meredith and Derek tried to become friends, Derek even prompting Meredith to tell him why there was tension with her friends while she had slept with George.

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The news of Meredith’s date with George, coupled with the revelation that Meredith was now dating Finn, caused Derek to act completely irrational, resulting in a huge argument between the two. Derek roughly suggested that Alex would be the next person Meredith slept with, as he slept with a lot of other people as well. It was a passionate moment, and showed how unfairly Derek treated her when he was riddled with jealousy.

Meredith silences Derek

An image of Derek and Meredith side by side in Grey's Anatomy

Meredith was known to exclude others when the going got tough in her personal life, and it was no different when it came to Derek. Although the two seemed to have resolved their issues, Meredith continued to push him away throughout Season 3.

Most notably, Meredith turned down Derek’s kindness when she struggled after her mother’s harsh words in “Wishin ‘and Hopin” -each-other /, “and in the narrative arc that followed, even when she was in so manifestly in pain. Meredith’s penchant for wallowing in her gloom alone often kept her away from her friends, and the same s ‘is produced with Derek. Despite her repeated attempts to support Meredith, she pushed him away and so the progress they had made in trusting each other again was shattered.

Derek abandoned Meredith

Death Grey's Anatomy by Thatcher and Meredith Susan

Although he fought tirelessly to be with Meredith throughout Season 3, Derek seemed to lose hope in their relationship and ultimately abandoned her when needed. Her relationship with her father was one of the biggest hurdles Meredith faced on Grey’s Anatomy, and Susan’s death in Season 3 only complicated matters and massively affected her relationship with Derek.

While Meredith was understandably upset, she sought to lean on her friends rather than Derek, which left him feeling rejected by her and that she didn’t trust him. With this, Derek selfishly grieved Meredith about their relationship and took her personal issues as a concrete sign that she didn’t trust him. This eventually led to him giving her an ultimatum as to whether she really wanted to be with him in “Haven’t we had almost everything?” When he should have been more understanding of what she was going through.

Meredith took Zola

Maggie talks to Zola and Meredith as Derek smiles at the cafe at Grey's Anatomy Hospital

Meredith’s tampering with Derek’s clinical trial left her with many ramifications to deal with, but none more important than the strain it placed on her and Derek’s relationship and therefore, their adoption of Zola. The episodes “Free Falling” and “She’s Gone” detailed the fallout from Meredith’s actions, which led Meredith to take drastic measures to keep Zola in her care.

When Zola’s adoption counselor visited the hospital and sensed the fragile state of Derek and Meredith’s relationship, Meredith panicked and impulsively grabbed Zola and went into hiding, not telling anyone. While Meredith, with the help of Cristina and Alex, managed to cover up her thoughtless mistake, Meredith was wrong not to tell Derek and cause him unnecessary worry, even if they were fighting.

Derek threw the engagement ring

Derek looks depressed in Grays Anatomy

By season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Derek’s relationship was finally on the right track as the two had resolved their issues and built a solid trust in each other. However, Derek almost ruined everything in “I’ll Follow You in the Dark,” when he casually threw the engagement ring he bought for Meredith in the woods after Meredith tried to comfort him.

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Derek was struggling naturally at the time, as a surgery he performed had gone wrong and his patient tragically died. However, considering everything he and Meredith had been through and all the times he resented Meredith for pushing him away, he had been wrong to do the same to her. Throwing the engagement ring while she was watching was a reckless and mean thing for him no matter what he was going through.

Derek broke his promise

Derek and Meredith exchange a post-it in Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and Derek were arguably one of the best couples on Grey’s Anatomy, but by season 11 their relationship had grown strained and the cracks were starting to show. After promising Meredith that she would take a step back from her career so that she could focus on hers, Derek became irritated and withdrawn, and pressured Meredith to do something worthy over time. he had supposedly given it to her.

However, as Derek’s attitude worsened, Meredith began to lose patience with him, which resulted in a bitter argument between the two in “Risk.” Derek’s behavior before and during the fight was selfish and, rather than giving Meredith the time she needed, caused him more stress, which ultimately led to Meredith telling him to go to Washington anyway. .

Meredith messed up in Alzheimer’s trial

Derek, Richard and Meredith review Anne's patient chart

The events at the end of Season 7 were cataclysmic for Derek and Meredith’s relationship, after Meredith tampered with the clinical trial Derek had started helping people with Alzheimer’s disease, initially inspired by his mother. While trying to make sure Adele received the drug and not the placebo, Meredith caused multiple problems with dire consequences.

Despite her good intentions, Meredith ultimately ruined the validity of the lawsuit, blacklisted Derek for further research, and shattered Derek’s trust in her. Her actions were impulsive and caused a massive rift between her and Derek that spanned many episodes, and even threatened their adoption of Zola.

Derek kissed someone else

Derek and DC intern kiss in Grey's Anatomy

His infidelity to Meredith in Season 11 was without a doubt one of the worst things Derek had ever done on Grey’s Anatomy. Before he even made it to DC, Meredith and Derek had argued over the fate of their relationship, as Meredith didn’t want to just follow Derek like her father had done with Ellis. In that same argument, she also expressed her affinity for doing people like him, pointing out how much he had charmed her when she was an intern and that he was her boss.

Lo and behold, Derek seemed to be doing the same in Washington with one of his researchers, Renee, who immediately took a liking to Derek’s charismatic ways. Perhaps not without surprise, Derek liked the attention he received from her, which ultimately led to an awkward kiss. Although Derek stopped the kiss, it was still one of the most horrible things he did to Meredith, especially when their relationship was already in critical condition.

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