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On this week The Raz report, Jason Raznick talks with Vivek Garipalli, CEO of Clover Health Investments (NASDAQ: CLOV) on his career path that eventually led his company to go public via Chamath Palihapitiya IPOC SPAC.

Early on, Garipalli describes his most hated job as “a job where I have an employer”. With the “itch to build something,” Garipalli drops out of college and embarks on a journey of learning to appreciate failed businesses and the medical industry. So much so that at the age of 27, he bought a bankrupt hospital with the only bidder “the naivety of youth” and began to raise the bar.

Born to doctors parents, Garipalli realizes from an early age of the disastrous consequences that can entail imposing administrative tasks on doctors.

“Healthcare is an industry in which the path to profitability conflicts with the interests of consumers,” Garipalli says. That’s why we decided to empower physicians with free data that enables them to make better clinical decisions and reduce costs in the long run.

Throughout her long career that has even allowed her to cold call companies, Garipalli has learned that if a company does not offer a clear solution to a problem, it will not succeed, no matter how much financial support it receives. has. He now tackles all issues this way: How to offer a clearly defined and measurable solution?

He describes Clover Health Investments as a long-term horizon whose primary mission is to generate clinical value in the Medicare space.

“Obviously we think we’ll have a lot of success,” Garipalli says, but also adds, “Fail: it’s not as bad as people claim. You get up and you figure things out from there. . “

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