The Big Bang Theory: 10 Times Amy Proved She Loved Sheldon


Amy and Sheldon have a complicated relationship. When they first started dating, they looked so alike – they were both obnoxious, pedantic, and boring, so they seemed a perfect match for each other. However, as the The Big Bang Theory advanced series, Amy’s personality began to change rapidly.

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She became more considerate and loving, but Sheldon was the same. In fact, if Amy hadn’t pointed out the mistakes in her behavior all the time, it could have been worse. Amy fed Sheldon and led him, comfortably, to be socially aware and happier. Often times, Amy has proven to love Sheldon, despite his apparent lack of emotion.

ten Amy has planned a very romantic Valentine’s Day for Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy knew that Sheldon didn’t like celebrating Valentine’s Day, but she had an idea so that Sheldon could enjoy the day without feeling pressured. In Locomotive Handling, Amy booked a romantic trip in a fully functioning vintage train, each The Big Bang Theory fans know how much Sheldon loves trains.

And even when Sheldon ignored her on the trip and spent the whole night talking to her new train expert friend, Amy finally decided to forgive her. Amy puts up with Sheldon’s neurotic behavior very much, but she knows that deep down he loves her too.

9 Amy canceled her dinner reservation to make Sheldon happy

Tangible proof of affection

Amy always makes an effort on Valentine’s Day. In Tangible proof of affection, Amy has planned a traditionally romantic evening – a chic restaurant and thoughtful gifts. Sheldon wanted to stay home and skip the day altogether, so Amy canceled their dinner reservation and Sheldon was delighted. Amy wanted to make Sheldon happy, so she suggested that they stay, order a pizza, and watch one of Sheldon’s beloveds. Star trek movies.

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Sheldon got to enjoy Valentine’s Day with his caring girlfriend, eat pizza, and watch his favorite movie. Amy has proven that she is willing to bend her mind in order to make Sheldon happy – now it’s love.

8 Amy helped him deal with his shutdown issues

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon has a compulsive personality and is in desperate need of closure, so Amy tried to help him solve this problem using neuroscience. She spent the whole day at The closure alternative do several activities, but not quite complete them. This led to Sheldon getting worse, but Amy calmed down and encouraged him to continue.

Amy really wanted to help Sheldon become more relaxed and easy going, but all her efforts were in vain as Sheldon was satisfied with her quirk. It’s the effort that counts, and Amy has done her best to help her boyfriend.

seven She helped him choose the best video console

The Big Bang Theory

In Fusion indecision, Sheldon was in a serious dilemma and couldn’t decide between an Xbox1 or a PS4, Amy offered him a raffle solution to make the decision-making process a little easier. Amy then offered to buy him both video games, but Sheldon said he only had one free seat in his entertainment center.

Amy offered to buy him a new entertainment center, but Sheldon couldn’t decide which one. All of Sheldon’s decisions in The Big Bang Theory are pragmatic, logical and thoughtful. Amy must really like Sheldon because he is very upkeep.

6 She went with him to fish Thanksgiving

the big bang theory

Sheldon and Amy went their separate ways for about a season, and Sheldon struggled to come to terms with the pair in need of space. Sheldon, platonically, invited her to go to the aquarium on Thanksgiving with him. On the road, Sheldon was hungry – and to his surprise, Amy had made him a special bag of cheerio with mixed nuts, just the way he liked it.

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Even though they weren’t together in The Platonic permutation, Amy wanted Sheldon to have a good time. In the end, she even wanted to get back with him, but Sheldon turned her down as he couldn’t hack Grief anymore. Amy was still very happy to have spent Thanksgiving with Sheldon, although Howard did meet Elon Musk in the soup kitchen.

5 Amy made Sheldon Christmas cookies for her Meemaw

Amy's Big Bang Theory

Sheldon doesn’t like Christmas and constantly complains that everyone, including Amy, is forcing him to celebrate it. Amy decided to throw a traditional Victorian Christmas party at Cleanroom infiltration, and Sheldon hatches a devious plan to make her feel bad, in hopes of ruining Christmas.

They weren’t supposed to give each other gifts, so Sheldon decided to give Amy the perfect gift – hoping the guilt would consume her. But Amy gave him the best present, her Christmas cookies from Meemaw.

4 Amy signed Sheldon’s ridiculous contracts

Season 5 Episode 10

Amy has compromised with Sheldon on everything since the start of their relationship, and even signed her infamous 31-page relationship agreement in The acquisition of the flaming spittoon. Sheldon is obsessed with drafting contracts to maintain law and order (and because it helps dispel the ambiguity), but some of the clauses in his contracts are genuinely absurd. Amy is not the only victim of these contracts, but most of the group had to sign a document and follow strict rules.

The only reason Amy would sign is for one simple thing: love. She clearly liked Sheldon a lot, and that was why she was willing to put up with his stubborn ways of being with him.

3 She made him a fort when he was not invited to the symposium

The Big Bang Theory

Amy and Sheldon were on a date at The implementation of the fortifications. Sheldon was upset that he had not been invited to a symposium at the former home of famous physicist Richard Feynman, and it aroused old feelings from his childhood when his siblings excluded him from activities.

So Amy said that they can build their own fort in the living room, which encourages Sheldon to go on and on. It takes a special person to notice exactly what someone needs to be happy, and Amy is that person for Sheldon every moment.

2 Amy sat through her favorite movie

Amy and Sheldon

Amy knew that one of Sheldon’s favorite movies was The Raiders of the Lost Ark from Indiana Jones franchise. In Minimization of Raiders, the couple have planned a movie night to see him together. It was obvious that Amy would do just about anything to spend more time with Sheldon, even if it was to watch a movie she didn’t really like.

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Despite her efforts to make Sheldon happy, she pointed out the glaring inconsistency of the plot in The Raiders of the Lost Ark, which upset Sheldon. But it shows how much she cares about him.

1 Amy came to her rescue after not even calling her

The Big Bang Theory

When the university wanted him to continue working on string theory, Sheldon left on his own for a while. In The interruption of locomotion, Sheldon’s belongings were stolen and he had to call Leonard for help and resume his normal life after 45 days of absence. Even though Sheldon preferred to ask Leonard for help instead of Amy, she still made the trip to help and received very few thanks. Deep inside, Sheldon was embarrassed to admit his failures to him, this confession led to a touching moment.

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