The importance of using a multi-channel communication strategy in the fashion industry


In today’s digital world, consumers use multiple types of channels to shop and research products and brands. If you’re not also using multiple channels to connect with consumers and promote your products, you’re leaving money on the table in the form of missed customers.

Fashion tends to be a very advanced industry, with customers wanting a convenient shopping experience where it’s easy to get the information they need. They also tend to make quicker decisions, and if your brand isn’t their top priority, they’ll choose your competitors. Having a multi-channel communication strategy for your marketing is vital, and here’s why.

What is multi-channel marketing?

Before you can implement the strategy, you need to know what multichannel marketing is. It’s using multiple different channels, including offline, to connect with prospects and build awareness of your brand. A common strategy may include social media, SEO, SMS, direct email, TV commercials, and radio commercials. The best strategies also have some synergy across channels. For example, a TV ad could have a QR code that leads to your website, or a billboard could have your Twitter and Facebook tags for shoppers to look at you when they go to the mall.

How does this approach help?

Implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy has several advantages.

On the one hand, you can enjoy better brand awareness. More people will be exposed to your brand because you show up regularly in more places. If consumers don’t know anything about your brand, they won’t buy from you. However, if you show up where they are consuming media, when they walk past your store or products, they will immediately recognize them.

This is also called brand building. The more a customer is exposed to your brand, the more ingrained it will be in their mind. Not only that, but if you are consistent, your brand personality and values ​​will also be reinforced. Having multiple ways for prospects to connect with your brand also gives you more opportunities to collect valuable data. You can not only determine which methods work best, but also collect customer habits and insights that can be used for future marketing. The fact is, surveys have shown that up to 73% of buyers use multiple channels.

What kinds of strings can you use?

There are several channels to use, and many that you probably haven’t thought of. Social media and broadcast marketing are well known and can play an important role in any marketing strategy. However, there are powerful channels that are not as widely used and can bring you great rewards.

For example, publishing a book has never been easier. You can publish an informative how-to book related to your products and services. If it’s an ebook, you can include links to your website and its content inside the book.

Live streams are a way to showcase the real people behind your brand and connect with your customers. They can ask questions, make comments, and see what’s behind the scenes of your business.

One of the best tools you can use for your marketing is SMS integration. This involves sending targeted text messages to your contact list containing marketing content or links to your website. The best thing about texting is that we are conditioned to reach our phones almost immediately when we receive notifications. This means you can be sure that your audience will see your messages at a much higher rate than other marketing methods, such as email.

Multi-channel marketing and fashion

Fashion is a fast-paced industry where changes can happen very quickly. What’s hot one season is old news the next. Fashion buyers can also be fickle. They look for fun trends and great new looks all the time. By using a multi-channel strategy, you will keep your brand in front of people who are already predisposed to buy your products. Plus, you’ll be on their minds when they’re looking for places to buy their new styles. Staying relevant and building your brand is how you can succeed with a fashion business.


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