The majority of common sense has already been elected elsewhere | Letters to the Editor


Just before my wife and I moved to Jefferson County, Colorado, the local school board was recalled in a crushing election. Not long before, those same voters had elected a batch of common-sense candidates, avowed Christians and conservatives, although none of the references were required for these non-partisan positions. Once they got a majority, they began to surprise those who elected them by becoming radical and repressive, resulting in the elimination of an advanced American history class as somehow anti-American.

The students, never mere passive agents, rebelled in the face of this final outrage and went on strike, ending the whole operation for a few weeks: the 2014 Jefferson County Public School protests. It almost didn’t take long for the entire school board to be recalled and replaced with a more reasonable list, guided more by the best science available than by that ever elusive and often misleading common sense. More than the electorate must be convinced when common sense ceases to make sense.

The recalled board of directors had slandered their entry into the office, denigrating work policies, distorting situations. They painted a disastrous picture that never existed until they presented themselves. Fortunately, they quickly discredited themselves in practice, resulting in somewhat belated success for education.

David A. Schmaltz

Walla walla


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