The real reason Eric Dane barely watched Grey’s Anatomy


Eric Dane has built a successful television career, in large part due to his portrayal of Dr. Mark Sloan on “Grey’s Anatomy,” but that doesn’t mean he was on his couch every Thursday night waiting for the latest episode. In fact, Dane claimed he “never watched it” in an interview with Additional TV January 19. Why ? He didn’t feel obligated. “Well, I was there when it happened,” Dane said. The ‘Euphoria’ star emphasized that her preference was not a rejection of the show. “It’s very well done and very well written. You know, that’s probably why people still watch it,” he added.

In 2017, Dane admitted to seeing a big total of Three episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” when he was still working on it and explained a bit more about why he avoided it. “I’m not a big observer of myself,” he said on the BUILD Series. Dane, however, had a different approach with “The Last Ship,” but that’s because he had a more active behind-the-scenes role as a producer. He still didn’t like it, though. “You start looking at things that you shouldn’t be looking at that really have nothing to do with anything important,” he said.

Dane may not have seen his retaliation against McSteamy in 2021, but fans everywhere certainly saw it. Unfortunately, they shouldn’t expect another appearance anytime soon. “Mark Sloan is currently working on a show called ‘Euphoria,'” he told Extra TV.


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