The Virgin Voyages Adult By Design concept promotes a sense of adventure



With its bold presence at the Port of Miami, the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady is more than just a cruise ship sitting dockside. Beyond the characteristic red hue that announces its link with the Virgin brand, the cruise ship seeks to set the tone before, during and after this trip. The experience may be “Adult By Design”, but the feeling of childish wonder is celebrated every moment.

Over the years, the cruise industry has seen its popularity increase. From mega-ships that resemble floating cities to Disney cruises to carefully curated smaller-scale adventures, the idea of ​​unpacking once again to travel from place to place captivates many adventures. While the concept is intriguing, finding the right fit for the traveler may not be so simplistic.

Together with Virgin Voyages, these adventures capture the feeling and concept that made the Virgin brand stand out in the crowd. Anyone who has stepped into a Virgin hotel understands that a stay is not a typical overnight experience. It’s about getting out of the mundane and appreciating the spirit of the moment.

How is Virgin Voyages Adult By Design breaking new ground for travel?

During a recent media snapshot in Miami, guests were able to explore the Scarlet Lady and check out some of the restaurants, bars and entertainment on the new cruise ship. From the initial welcome to the last goodbye, one thing was clear. Each sailor has been encouraged to seize the present moment, to push back the commonplace and to open up to the possibilities that lie ahead.

While cruising can satisfy this sense of adventure, the Virgin Voyages concept is more than just a trip. It appeals to the total lifestyle. For people who work hard to play hard, this escape appeals to that mindset. From a champagne shake to a mind and body reset in a yoga class, the whole person’s experience is touched on every moment.

Overall, the experience seems to appeal to the well-balanced lifestyle. From the design of the ship to the issue of sustainability, including the ban on single-use plastics, the approach seems to capture the “Modern Roman of Sailing”. Whether it’s the seabed specially designed for the glam resort or a group of sailors helping guide the experience, this first visit is sure not to be the last.

What is unique about the Virgin Voyages experience?

While travelers have many reasons to choose one cruise ship over another, Virgin Voyages could be the exceptional option for foodies. With all of the dining options included in the vacation, guests will appreciate that the menus feature refined dishes, culinary trends, and unique experiences that will satisfy all tastes.

Whether it’s a nod to the dining experience of the Michelin Star tasting menu to an interactive Korean meal to a classic steakhouse, it can be difficult to sample all the delicacies. Even the drink program is unique. With the ability to shake a smartphone and have champagne delivered anywhere on board, this experience is about letting go without ever missing a thing.

From entertainment to treatment, customers can make their time onboard Virgin Voyages their own. Guests can board a simple traveler, but they will leave enjoying what it means to be a pleasure-seeking sailor.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady is one of four ships that will be part of the fleet. The Scarlet Lady departs from the Port of Miami for cruises of varying lengths in the Caribbean. For more information on the cruise line and reservations, please visit the company website.

For those who are ready to sail into something spectacular, Virgin Voyages is waiting for you. Are you ready for the next big adventure at sea?



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