They create a drone-robot capable of walking and flying


Already in the past, we have documented the existence of bipedal robots capable of mimicking human locomotion, as well as others with the ability to perform tasks similarly to a human being.

However, until now, they had not been seen developing a combination of robot and drone capable of walking and flying.

Well that’s what a group of engineers from Caltech did to bring their robot to life. LEONARDO (LEGS ON A drone, legs on a drone).

For now, this legged drone is a proof of concept for determining its viability before it can move on to development phase. In this sense, many engineers and companies around the world are looking for efficient methods to ensure the mobility of robots, whether by the installation of wheels or legs.

It is in the latter that engineers have seen in nature a source of inspiration, especially in birds, whose anatomy served as a reference to find a viable method to ensure the mobility of their robot. And, when it comes to birds, their anatomical ability to alternate between flight and walking is remarkable.

Taking this into account, the engineers began to design a way to replicate the anatomical advantages of the bird in their project. In the end, they have a robot that can take off facing difficult terrain to cross on land or rely on its thrusters if necessary.

Regarding its specifications, LEONARDO has a weight of 2.58 kg, completed by a height of 75 centimeters. In its upper part it has four propellers which are used by the robot when it needs to propel itself like a drone.

In addition, LEONARDO’s legs are strong enough to hold this robot upright straight and balanced.

As can be seen in the following video, this robot has the ability to move on earth without difficulty, as well as to avoid obstacles entering in flight.

However, his dexterity is even more interesting when using a skate to skate or keep it balancing on a tightrope helped by propellers.

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