Things in Jurassic World Dominion that don’t make sense


When talking about dinosaur behavior, it’s hard to say with authority what makes sense and what doesn’t. After all, we really don’t know how the creatures behaved in their time, so there’s a lot of guesswork involved. But even so, it’s hard not to consider the plane crash scene over the Dolomites in “Dominion” to be incredibly contrived.

For starters, why is the Quetzalcoatlus attacking Kayla’s plane so quickly and violently? Sure, it’s a foreign object flying through the dino’s sky, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be devoured. But, of course, let’s go with the fact that the Quetzalcoatlus attacks the plane. The events that follow are puzzling to say the least. Claire ejects above the Dinosaur Sanctuary and is nearly mauled mid-air by another winged beast. She survives – unlikely, but believable. Then Owen and Kayla attempt a crash landing on what ends up being a frozen lake. They both survive and the plane remains perched on the surface of the ice without breaking through. Again, of course, let’s go.

But then the simple pressure of Owen and Kayla walking on the ice starts to crack it. The effect is compounded by the appearance of a pyroraptor, the pursuit of which completely shatters the ice. This is where things go from the implausible to the absurd. Why does a little race completely break the ice, but a real plane crash does nothing? Because then we wouldn’t have yet another dinosaur hunt, of course.


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