Visual identity is the key to effective communication: GCO manager


Doha: Government Communications Office (GCO) Director, HE Sheikh Jassim bin Mansour bin Jabor Al Thani says a clear message and visual identity are keys to effective communication with the public as Qatar unveiled yesterday its new emblem.

In a statement to commemorate the unveiling, Sheikh Jassim said, “One of our main objectives is to organize communications operations for various government agencies, but this cannot be accomplished without a truly effective communications system. The clarity of the message that reaches the audience and the consistency of the visual identity are two of the most essential aspects and manifestations of effective communication.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammed Nuaimi Al Hajri, official spokesperson for the GCO, added: “The new Lusail font stands out for its historical significance, as it is derived from the original manuscripts written by the founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, may God rest his soul in peace. At the same time, the English font was inspired by Arabic calligraphy and hand movements. The new emblem shows two brown crossed swords, with a boat (dhow) between them sailing on brown waves across an island with two palm trees.


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