Wanted 3D Models for Stratford High School Science Class


CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Alaina Gresh, a third-grade science teacher at Stratford High School, says she enjoys teaching anatomy and physiology. Gresh says the human body is one of the most intriguing areas of study.

She says many students are practical learners and do much better when they can visualize what they are being taught. To help out, Gresh hopes to have several 3D models in her classroom.

She asks for a brain model to help students visualize brain structures when she teaches the unity of the nervous system. Modeling an animal cell for his biology lessons will help students review what they have learned in biology.

She is also looking to obtain lab equipment and other activities to help improve the learning of anatomy students.

“I know my students would love to have more role models in the classroom, and they would be very helpful all the time in my class,” Gresh said.

Gresh’s project on the Donors Choose website currently requires $ 518. Currently, all donations are currently matched, meaning the project now only requires $ 259.

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