Watch Alexander Skarsgard battle the undead in ‘The Northman’


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A tranquil moonlit scene turns into a fierce, rousing fight with an undead mound dweller in this scene from “The Northman.”

Amleth (Alexander Skarsgard), the title Northman, seeks revenge for his father’s death. But he needs a special sword that he has to retrieve from a mound. It will suffice for him to remove the weapon from the hands of the inhabitant of the mound buried there. Oh, and fight that undead character when he’s awake.

Discussing the scene, director Robert Eggers said the barely visible moonlit shots in the film “are almost black and white, to the point where I wonder if my DP and I made a mistake”, said he said, referring to the cinematographer. , Jarin Blaschke, longtime Eggers collaborator. The austere glows of these moments are based on the time Blaschke spent in remote parts of Africa, far from any light pollution. The images are enhanced by an ashy coloring that the costume designer and the production designer put on the clothes and highlight the visuals.

Much of the fight with Skarsgard (6ft 4in) and Ian Whyte (7ft 1in) was shot in a vertically spacious space in long, unbroken takes. It became a way to help audiences be “more immersed in the fight”, he said. “And it’s also easier to follow every beat of the fight as a story.”

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