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Jackson Avery returns in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, episode 5. Will this explain why Meredith is leaving Gray Sloan Memorial this season?

Since learning that Ellen Pompeo would only be in eight episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, our eyes fell on how and why she would leave. Well, it looks like we’re getting closer and closer to sanity, and it seems to be Zola-related.

Meredith said in the previous episode that she would find Zola the perfect school, even if it meant leaving Seattle. She also wants to cure Alzheimer’s disease. Jackson wants to give her that option in the new episode, and we know he wanted to find a way to bring fairness into the medical system. Part of that involves a school.

While in Boston, we will also see Catherine Fox and Tom Koracick. It seems that Catherine’s cancer is more aggressive than anyone would like.

Interns Investigate Lucas in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 5

All of this is happening in Boston. Back in Seattle, the interns want to know more about Lucas. They all assume he’s sleeping with Ameila, and those rumors go up a notch when they see Lucas drop Scout off at daycare.

Ameila is not happy that Lucas allows the interns to believe that they are sleeping together. Not surprising considering she’s his aunt. Is it time to find out who his mother is?

During all of this, we’ll see Addy and Bailey head to a family planning clinic. They have a situation in their hands when a woman suffers from an ectopic pregnancy. It’s time to see the damage that “never abortion” does to the health care system.

Check out the promo and synopsis of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, episode 5:

Bailey and Addison take a road trip to volunteer at a family planning clinic, but a patient’s ectopic pregnancy leads to complications. Elsewhere, the interns play detective on Lucas’ relationship with Amelia, and Meredith catches up with Jackson on a trip to Boston.

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Date: Thursday, November 3
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Episode: Season 19, Episode 5, “When I Get to the Border”
TV channel: ABC
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