What it’s like to return to Grey’s Anatomy after so many years of absence, according to Kate Walsh


After weeks of waiting, Grey’s Anatomy fans finally got to see Kate Walsh return as Addison Montgomery and come face to face with her former rival Meredith Gray at the Gray-Sloan Memorial. Addison performed a revolutionary uterine transplant, appealing to her ex-husband’s former mistress. Once the surgery was over, the pair entered the elevator for a classic scene, where Addison was overwhelmed with grief at being in Seattle for the first time since Derek Shepherd’s death, telling Meredith that being there made it real. But it wasn’t just the character who was bombarded with the emotions of the comeback.

Kate Walsh said on returning to Grey’s Anatomy fixed after 10 years was an unexpected emotional punch in the guts. Walsh first strutted into the ABC medical drama and fans’ hearts in Season 1 to accuse Meredith of fucking her husband, and returning to Season 18 after a decade was a little odd. Here’s how Walsh explained it to HEY:

Completely surreal. Like, there’s even no way to articulate it. I knew it would be weird but it was so touching, and so big and yes, beyond, because when was the last time you took over a job that you started 18 years ago and you left 10 years ago? Do you know what I’m saying? There is no infrastructure. There’s no construction for that because even if you say, ‘Oh, it’s kind of like coming home to your parents’, and you’re like,’ Wait, this is my room? OK, yeah, that’s right, I have an airplane bed.

Kate Walsh is gone Grey’s Anatomy after season 3, after Addison moved to California, which was chronicled through six seasons of the spin-off Private practice. Since leaving Shondavision eight years ago, Walsh has had a number of different projects, with roles in Bad judge, 13 reasons why and The Umbrella Academy, Just to name a few. So, after leaving the medical drama world for so many years, it must have felt like kind of homecoming to be back on set at the Seattle hospital.

In Addison’s comeback episode, “Hotter Than Hell,” her breakdown inspired Meredith to invite Addison over to her home to meet her, her and Derek’s children, and an equally charming scene followed, where the neonatal surgeon fell in love with the Shepherd children on ice. cream.

It remains to be seen whether Addison will stick around long enough for Derek and Meredith’s children (and viewers!) To meet her now 8-year-old son Henry. But we do know that she will at least be present in the next episode, “With Some Help From My Friends,” as Addison and her former sister-in-law Amelia continue to work on Addison’s transplant patient. And hopefully Addison will have more work with the residents, as well as Jo Wilson, who, after switching to Obstetrics and Gynecology, is desperate to learn from Addison. Aren’t we all?

Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, October 21. Be sure to check out our Fall 2021 TV schedule to find upcoming premiere dates for all of your favorite shows.


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