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The Jandoli School of Communications in Bonaventure welcomed this year a new club called Women in Communications. The idea was born when Anna Bulszewicz, associate professor at Jandoli School, noticed that there were more men than women in her classes and that women in her classes tended to participate less.

“As a communication woman and a woman in the communication industry, I want to empower our existing communication majors so that they are not empowered or nurtured in class due to this enrollment disparity”, Bulszewicz said.

The Jandoli school has 159 students enrolled, of which only 48 are female.

“I want a space for women to know more about their professional future, to be able to freely discuss challenges and victories,” said Bulszewicz. “I want this club to be the space where we are going to dream and generate excellence for the future of communication.

Bulszewicz worked with Jah’neyce Washington, a sophomore audiovisual journalism student; and Nina Van Volkenburg, first year strategic communications student, for bringing the idea to life. Washington and Van Volkenburg, along with other members, help generate discussion topics for the meetings.

“Communications are predominantly dominated by men and some things you can’t say around boys,” Washington said. “The club provides a safe space for opinions and helps women feel more comfortable.”

Earlier in the semester, the club spoke about issues with body positivity and women in business. The club also met Carol Schumacher, member of the board of directors, to discuss her professional career.

“Carol offered insight that will be useful for young women in the future,” Bulszewicz said.

As the spring semester approaches, the group of young women hopes to do even more.

“We want to present and host a strong speaker series, and also create more engagement by structuring the meetings around burning issues and talking points coming directly from the women in the organization,” Bulszewicz said.

After the success of their first events, women in communication are already thinking about the future.

“The goal is to empower women, but I would like more speakers like Carol Schumacher to see concrete examples of what women can do in business and their success,” said Van Volkenburg. “Sitting down and talking is good. But we want to use the things we learn at this club to get into the real world and be successful. “

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