Worthplaying | ‘The Living Remain’ is a new Zombie VR game coming to Oculus and Steam


Built from scratch by a team of two, The rest alive is a virtual reality first-person adventure shooter where players immerse themselves in a new world where the living dead have taken over. You must survive the undead horde using an arsenal of weapons in a story-driven campaign loaded with a variety of interactive environments. Explore, salvage, and collect filament to craft ammo and upgrade a variety of weapons.

You play as Grant Montgomery, a former military man separated from his family. Now he’s looking for them in a post-apocalyptic world where pockets of remaining humans survive in sheltered complexes, while the living dead roam free. He crosses paths with a group of survivors, including Alex, and she quickly becomes his ally. On a radio, she helps Grant navigate this dark post-apocalypse world.

With a whole arsenal of weapons and tools available, players can take on the horde or explore and fight their way through abandoned environments. Using a creative radio mechanic, players can expertly navigate the zombie infested concrete jungle with the help of another survivor, Alex.

Stephen and Pamela Marshall, co-founders of Five Finger Studios said: “Our vision with The rest alive was to create a VR game that incorporated ideas from some of our favorite movie and video game genres, while still creating an experience that we would like. It meant taking on a project that seemed much bigger than us, but only motivated us to keep going. It meant so much to be able to create something from scratch and give players a fun and immersive experience. “

Main characteristics:

  • Fully narrative campaign – Embark on a journey to reunite Grant’s family and progress through a gripping storyline.
  • Play your way – Build an arsenal with a variety of weapons, such as pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, etc. Or use a knife for close, personal combat.
  • Realistic pistol and assault rifle aiming / firing– Look down as you take out hordes of undead.
  • Physics-based environments– Players can break glass with their own hands and even push back objects.
  • Varied game mechanics – Craft, collect, climb, solve puzzles and more.
  • Complete locomotion– Travel through various environments using full locomotion with a smooth touchpad / stick to move, recover and explore freely.

The rest alive will come to To smoke and Oculus headsets.

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